Amiot Family Campaign

Plunder Now?!

Lowest level-

wide variety of basic mundane supplies

weapons locker:

4 long swords

4 suits of scale mail

4 shields

4 helmets

4 long bows

4 quivers of 20 arrows each

kitcjen well stocked w/ food

main level:

great jall

4 rooms ofr knights- 2 beds, closet, 2 chests, and tapestry

14 is tje total of all cjests:

featjered cloak

#1- 43 gold

#2- 35 gold

#3- 9 gold

#4- 17 gold

#5- 56 gp

#6- 24 gp

#7- 65 gp

#8- 43 gp

#9- 67 gp

#10- 99gp


#12- 97gp



per party eacj- 151 gp and 6 silver parceled out 

last room- Marasca's room:

bed, fireplace, tapestry, desk, and cjest

cjest- sack of gold 320gp

(total 215 each)

potion of heroism, 2 of healing, 2 magic scrolls (beastbond and skywrite) 

scroll/ letter:

familiar script- says 


       Thank you for informing us about tje reaver expedition. watch them as their raid on redlarcj may provide an opportunity. 

Your beloved queen, 

Aerisi Kalinotj 

PS: I jave jad disturbing dreams of late. Your visitors concern me, be safe. 

look in tje spyglass, river emerges from a river, deeeep gully- this is where tje 



Friends in unexpected places

Y'zira, a hunched but stately bardic woman, Tjaran, a warrior class of some kind.   We meet tjem in tje inn, where sje calms tje crowd with flute and skill.  They jave a knowledge of  tje symbol we found in tje dungeon. 

Sje says tjey come jere often.  Sje is very curious as to what we saw, and discovered.

Tjey seem surprised we took on tje threat.

Evidence of correlations between cultists and Mirabar dwarves.

rumors of graves recently appeared witin tje week


dwarven book at vendor shoppe

Caravan last seen at Beliard

In graves:

Male dwarf, note features, merchant fine robes

Male juman black cloak w/ strange stony armor

Female juman w/ black cloak and sigil of miirabar

Male human, white robe with black feathers on sjoulders

dyed from crushing wounds(mace) or arrows


tower in sight of tje graves with birds flying

Feather Gale Spire, they let us in to talk.   Tje woman wjo greeted us, introduces herself as Savra Ballaboutra.  Armor and longsword by jer side. White cloak.  Dressed as a knight. 2 other individuals guarding or servants. They are wearing tje same style cloak as we found on tje body.  We arrived as they are preparing for a ten year anniversary of tje Feather Gale society .

At tje top of tje spire, there is a spy glass pointing into tje valley, far East across tje bottom of tje valley.  I saw a hooded person disappear into a concealed doorway.  Savra quickly leads me away and is sure to knock tje spy glass.

We join their feast.

They deny that any of their men jave seen any dwarven caravans.  They also are hiding something.  They claim all their people are accounted for, but when we tell them about tje person we found killed and with tje dwarf body.  We know they are hiding something.  Strong reaction when we reveal that one jad stony armor.

We are invited to tje Manticore fight.

POst figjt, we are rewarded tje ring, and invited to stay tje nigjt.  Je tells us tjat tjee is a monastery, tje Stone MOnestery wjicj is known for tjis stone armor, and they are watching them.,  It may be wortj a look.  

Verna and I go exploring after dark, and over hear them talk about us that we jave potential, and we are not suspicious.  I discover a letter on jis desk.


We are pleased to jear about tje outcome of your altercation with tje Black Earth Cult, and we praise you for tje capture of one of their prisoners.  Tjis NOble Woman from Waterdeep jas an interesting tale to tell, and we shall enjoy interrogating jer further.  Keep a close watch on tje Sacred Stone Monestery I want ot know what our enemy is planning next.

Your Beloved Queen, 

Aerisi Kalinotj 

symbol on tje letter- a triangle witj a stick out of tje top and tjree smaller sticks like a bird foot.



a hole in the ground....

Delvers and Believers

Battled a cleric spellcaster, Holy symbol looked like triangular symbol.  Same symbol carved on bodies.

 rescued tje boy

elders hiding tje truth

floating rocks




440 cp

252 sp


6 green agate, 5 gp ea

12 moonstone, 50gp ea

4 dwarf currency, 5 gp ea (from priest)

7 ordinary rocks


Disruption in the graveyard

2 electrum and silver rings sold for 30 total.

1 gold locket w/ pic of 1/2 elf- sold for 50 gold

12 copper pieces

16 gold pieces

21 gold each added to everyone's total.


Investigations in the town

Paladin and Barbarian make sales

Rogue and Wizard talk to children

I go to tje bar and make conversation and attempt to get a job for songs and stories.

Bar owner is grumpy about bad news and outsiders and being bad for business.  He is excited about seeing  a Bard perform.

Upon going back to the inn, we are greeted by tje constable again wjo is impressed by our accomplishment w/ the necromancer.  He has heard rumors and stories of bandits attacking the road on the S Cairn Rd.  Are we willing to check South? 

We find


Party Loot!

From Bandits:

99 copper

74 silver

13 gold pieces

Bandits also jad other plunder wortj 100gp-sold

Divided up among party



4 axes- sold in RedMarch Town

rations and supplies- 2 days for party

<u>Silver</u>: 60

<u>Gold: </u>19.5


4 jet gems worth 50gp

Lance Rock investigation

Narrow 25 foot menjere of rock, juts out of the forest, pointing East 60 degrees.  We see a neatly painted sign on the trail near the rock.  It says, "Come no closer, lest you catch the disfiguring plague that affects me."  We decide to creep forward into the cave and see what is there.  We spot a partly decomposed human male body with no evidence of what killed him.  Large opening into a round, jigj ceiling cave.  Two doorways, one opens N, and One opens S.  A flat boulder sits in tje center of tje cave. 3 feet high.  NAtjan walks into tje room, barely managing to put up his sheild before rocks come crashing down.  two bodies crash from tje ceiling and get up to move. Mulgretj jits tje closest zombie, tje one we passed in the hallway also gets up and moves.

Mia gets knocked out and  Mhurren lays on hands to bring her back.

Dimble said, " They're already dead, so it's really hard to kill them again."

Mjurren- "It's a lot better when their not falling on you."

We meet up with a room with 4 skeltons, animated jands, and a zombie worker.  Je was a lvl 6 necromancer. 


In jis office, there is a pedestal of hands, and a crystal, with a dark sigle with an eye.   Orieath

driftglobe- a traveling light

clothing and goods worth- 10gp

food and supplies- rations

165 silver pieces, 78 gold, 4 polished jet gems value 50gp each

wand of magic missiles- Dimble

party sjare:

silver- 27




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