Amiot Family Campaign

Investigations in the town

Paladin and Barbarian make sales

Rogue and Wizard talk to children

I go to tje bar and make conversation and attempt to get a job for songs and stories.

Bar owner is grumpy about bad news and outsiders and being bad for business.  He is excited about seeing  a Bard perform.

Upon going back to the inn, we are greeted by tje constable again wjo is impressed by our accomplishment w/ the necromancer.  He has heard rumors and stories of bandits attacking the road on the S Cairn Rd.  Are we willing to check South? 

We find


Party Loot!

From Bandits:

99 copper

74 silver

13 gold pieces

Bandits also jad other plunder wortj 100gp-sold

Divided up among party



4 axes- sold in RedMarch Town

rations and supplies- 2 days for party

<u>Silver</u>: 60

<u>Gold: </u>19.5


4 jet gems worth 50gp

Lance Rock investigation

Narrow 25 foot menjere of rock, juts out of the forest, pointing East 60 degrees.  We see a neatly painted sign on the trail near the rock.  It says, "Come no closer, lest you catch the disfiguring plague that affects me."  We decide to creep forward into the cave and see what is there.  We spot a partly decomposed human male body with no evidence of what killed him.  Large opening into a round, jigj ceiling cave.  Two doorways, one opens N, and One opens S.  A flat boulder sits in tje center of tje cave. 3 feet high.  NAtjan walks into tje room, barely managing to put up his sheild before rocks come crashing down.  two bodies crash from tje ceiling and get up to move. Mulgretj jits tje closest zombie, tje one we passed in the hallway also gets up and moves.

Mia gets knocked out and  Mhurren lays on hands to bring her back.

Dimble said, " They're already dead, so it's really hard to kill them again."

Mjurren- "It's a lot better when their not falling on you."

We meet up with a room with 4 skeltons, animated jands, and a zombie worker.  Je was a lvl 6 necromancer. 


In jis office, there is a pedestal of hands, and a crystal, with a dark sigle with an eye.   Orieath

driftglobe- a traveling light

clothing and goods worth- 10gp

food and supplies- rations

165 silver pieces, 78 gold, 4 polished jet gems value 50gp each

wand of magic missiles- Dimble

party sjare:

silver- 27




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